5 Photo gifts for Mom

I hear it all the time, literally all the time. What should I get my mom for Mother’s Day? I have five fail proof photo-related gifts that any mom would absolutely swoon over.

1– Book a mommy and me session!! Whether it’s a husband booking it for his wife and their children or a grown child booking it for their mom. No mom is going to turn down the opportunity to get gorgeous professional photos with their children. In fact, that’s exactly what I’m doing for my own mother for Mother’s Day! I’m doing pictures of her, my sister, myself, and my daughter all together. I am styling everyone also. All they have to do is show up. I’m going to offer in studio Mommy & Me Limited Edition Sessions May 11th & 12th and May 18th & 19th for a discounted price. There’s no excuse not to get something booked! Send a booking inquiry from my website and you will be one of the first to get booking information.

2– If you recently had family photos taken, GET THEM PRINTED! Yes, it’s great to have the digital images to share on social media with family and friends, however unless you’re on your phone or tablet 24/7 there’s no way to view your pictures. Order a canvas or a nice mounted print for your mom to hang so she can look at it every day and be reminded how blessed she is to have such an amazing child like yourself. Here is a mounted print that I had done after our last cotton session in North Carolina.

3– Talk with your photographer about creating a gorgeous custom album. A custom designed album is a one-of-a-kind gift that nobody else can ever get your mom. Not only are the beautifully made, but they can be passed down through generations as family keepsakes. I just used my own family photos to create a beautiful album that we will keep on our coffee table. I have also made smaller versions to gift to grandmas.

4– One of my top selling items is the accordion book and that is why I am adding it to this list! It’s a small wallet sized 10 image mini brag book. Mothers and grandmothers absolutely love them because they fit so perfectly right inside their purse, and they can show off their beautiful children and grandchildren right on the spot. My son even has one from our Christmas photos 3 years ago that he keeps in his backpack. He told me he needed it in case he gets sad at school and misses his sister.

5– Lastly, and most certainly not least, small individual gift cards are perfect gifts. That means anything 8 x 10 or smaller that can be put into small tabletop frames or even an old-fashioned photo album. You know the ones where you slide individual prints into the plastic sleeves? One of my greatest memories with my grandmother was sitting at her home with dozens of photo albums and listening to her tell me stories about the people in the albums. I have a few GIANT albums that are filled with photos from each year we have been married. Every year I print 100 photos that reflect what happened that year and I put them into an album. It always brings me so much joy to go back and look through them.

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