5 Favorite Disney movies

Time to talk favorite Disney movies!

1. Aladdin

I absolutely love this movie! I can still sing word for word every song, and if I could rock Princess Jasmine’s outfit on a daily basis trust me I would. I remember wanting nothing more than to be Princess Jasmine for Halloween. I wanted the costume, of course, that showed my belly and my mom told me that it wasn’t appropriate. Let me tell you, my little heart was broken. Now that I have kids I am in complete agreement, but thankfully they have redone her costume for the new version and no belly shows! But I digress. The music in this movie is amazing, and when I say I can sing it word for word trust me I can! I am such an Aladdin fan that at Christmas my husband took me to see the traveling Broadway Company perform Aladdin at the Detroit Opera House. This sounds cheesy, but it was literally one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life. Everyone was so talented and over the top and sparkly and shiny; it was my happy place.

2. Beauty and the Beast

(But really this is basically tied for number one)

Again, this movie is tied to a huge childhood memory of mine. When a neighbor across the street from us had a garage sale, she sold this gigantic yellow line-dancing petticoat skirt to my little sister and me. My mom cut it in half and made one skirt for my sister and one skirt for me. I always felt like Belle dancing around the basement in what I thought was a super fancy yellow skirt dress. I love the movie so much that when I was looking for a cake topper for my wedding cake and couldn’t find one, I made one. No joke, it had Belle on it for me and Batman for my husband. Again, I can still sing every song word for word.

3. Lilo and Stitch

This Disney movie doesn’t have as much singing (still has AMAZING music though) as a lot of my other favorites, BUT I absolutely love it. The way Nani steps up to take care of her baby sister when her mom and dad are killed is heartwarming. This movie shows that not all families are made the same, and I wish this were portrayed more often. Especially in the world we live in today, I would love to see more kids’ movies show different family dynamics. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have a super cute little blue alien as a pet? I mean he’s adorable and a little wild, BUT adorable all the same.

4. Hercules

Again, I LOVE the music! I think my favorite thing about this movie is that Hercules thinks he knows what he wants the whole movie, but once he gets it he realizes that what he wanted was right in front of him all along. It’s kind of like the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

5. Mulan

Hello? Who doesn’t love a girl who just straight up kicks some butt?!? She is a strong woman in a time when women are supposed to be seen and not heard. She is willing to sacrifice everything to help keep her family safe. And DUH, the music!

I do wonder sometimes how much of my brain space is taken up with just Disney lyrics! I think the main reason why I love these Disney movies is the music and my kids love the music too. We have Disney music playing in the background almost every day. It’s much more age appropriate than what’s on the radio today. The kids have even made it a game to try to guess what movie the song is from before mommy can guess. Of course, I can name most of them within the first 3-5 seconds, but I let them win on occasion.

I really feel like this list could go on and on, but I have already rambled enough for one day!

Leave me a comment with your favorite movie!


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