One year down, a lifetime to go!

Congratulations, you have survived the first year!! From countless sleepless nights, spilled milk, first smiles, hissy fits in the store (not always the babies), Cheerios all over the back of your car, those exciting first steps, diaper blowouts, stepping on toys in the middle of the night (P.S. it won’t get any better wait until they discover Legos), and I have saved the best for last, their first words, YOU MADE IT! Now it’s time to celebrate with a custom photo shoot to show how much your little one has grown over the past 12 months.

While cake is a super fun way to go, I always encourage unique setups built around food that your baby enjoys most.  Not all babies enjoy cake. Take both of my children as examples; they screamed throughout their whole cake smash sessions. From the set design, to their outfits, and finally a quick splash in the tub to get somewhat cleaned before the ride home, we will work together to create a custom experience.  I include all set décor and you will also have access to my client closet if something strikes your fancy. However, due to allergies and insurance liability I do not provide any of the food elements for these sessions.